Fedora 30 Meetup and Release Party

Fedora 30 Meetup and release  party

It was a pleasing day, I wake up in the morning and got to know that i can join Fedora Pune meetup and release party for Fedora 30,

so I was very excited about it and i reach there with Pooja Yadav and Prveen Kumar,

Pravin Satpute starts the meetup with his talk on new features of Fedora 30.

-> GNOME 3.32

GNOME 3.32 that really gives a new 3D view to the icones and all the taskbars and other GUI stuff.

-> Improved performance for DNF

The performance of DNF (default package manager for Fedora) is improved

-> Two New Desktop Environment

Fedora 30 extends the offering with elementary OS‘ Pantheon desktop environment and Deepin Linux’ DeepinDE.

-> Linux Kernel 5

Fedora 30 has Linux Kernel 5.1.5 version that has improved support for hardware and some performance improvements.

-> Emojis

Fedora 30 comes with emojis you can just enable screen keyboard ( settings – universal access – screen keyboard)

and there on the right of space button you will see an emoji button or you can use the shortcut [ctrl+shift+e].

And after that Parag Nemade give a talk about the modularity and packaging and then a question-answer session goes 😄.

After that we discuss how we can start contributing to Fedora CoreOS, Praveen Kumar give a talk about Fedora coreOS

it’s basically an OS that is specially designed for the Containers and dockers kind of things (I am not that much familiar with those), It will be available soon for everyone it’s under heavy development.

And after that a surprise talk by Kushal Das on Qubes OS it’s really awsome
that how it creates different VM’s for each and every task
For Examle: If you want to open a pdf file that you may get from internet or somewhere else it will create a different VM that prevent your system if that file contain any malware.
Finally it’s cake time 😋 Praveen Kumar cut the cake and after eating that Kushal Das give some stickers of Tor to cover the cameras of our mobile phones.
Everything was so knowledgeable and fun.

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