Ansible Pune Meetup June 2k19

Ansible Pune Meetup

It’s always fun to meet new people to learn new things and get something new, So I join Ansible Pune Meetup ( 29 june 2019 ).

We talked about a wide variety of industries use-cases and solution for problems.

It’s Saturday and rain is coming and i was getting ready for the meetup, It’s 9:00 AM iirc, I meet Ompragash Viswanathan

and then we join Amit Upadaye, and Aditi and move towards Tavisca Solutions.

It was raining so we start around 10:30,

First of all, we all introduce ourselves and move a step ahead towards the introduction to Ansible by Anandprakash Tandale

and along side Ompragash Viswanathan and Abhijeet helping him in solving

the query of folks.

After an introduction to Ansible, we move forward and Amit Upadaye start introducing Foreman and show what we can do with Foreman

then Kavita Gaikwad join him and explore more about Foreman.

After getting know how Foreman works we move towards lunch and during lunch we learn how Ansible works and a quick demo of creating a user

in Windows using Ansible playbook.

And after lunch we move forward and Yadnyawalkya Tale introduce ManageIQ and show a demo.

And now it’s time for getting to know about AWX and Saurabh Thakre done a great job in geeting,

know what is AWX and how it works.

And at last Nikhil Kathole give a demo that how we can integrate Ancible and Foreman.

and after that we click some pictures and get our goodies and back to home.

It Turned out to be one of the long(approx 5 hours) meetup!! Still it was fun and I will wait for the next one to join. 😉

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