Ansible Pune Meetup August 2k19

The more you learn the more you earn.
So I am back with one more event report. 😜

It’s a warm day and I wake up at 8:00 in the morning and get ready and book my ride for Dell EMC Blue Ridge(where meetup is going to take place) on 31 August 2019.

After arriving I got security pass and get inside around 9:50 and meet
Ompragash Viswanathan and he introduce me to Ganesh Nalawade and Michelle Perz

We start around 10:30 and first of all Michelle Perz starts with Introduction to Ansible and how it works and how to install Ansible and how it manage systems using control node and about the modules of a Ansible.
It was really a nice explanation and it take almost 1 Hour.

After introduction she continue the session with plugins in Ansible and how we use different plugins for configuring different kind of managed nodes like containers and Windows etc.

It’s been almost 2 Hours and everyone need a break so it’s Time for a refreshment Break. 🙂

After a quick brake Ganesh Nalawade starts with Collections in Ansible. It was a talk as well as a demo so it’s really cool.

And when all the sessions are over It’s time for query. Everyone got answer to there questions.

And now it’s time for group photo and after that Ompragash Viswanathan distribute some cool Ansible stickers.

And then Dell EMC offer lunch and after lunch we get back to homes with a new expriences and knowledge. 🙂

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