Python Pune Meetup September 2k19

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison

It’s a pleasant morning and I was looking at my calendar and bang its Saturday time to have some fun to meet new peoples ( #meetup_day ).

It’s 9:00 AM I got a call from my friend Akshay Gaikwad and he informs me that how we are driving to our destination Shoptimize India Private Limited.

then around 9:15 AM I meet Chandan Kumar and Bhusan and book our Ride.
now it’s a road trip of 30-40 min and we discuss about talks that are going to be held in the meetup and I am very excited about them because it’s my first time for #Pythonpune.

We reach Shoptimize India Private Limited around 9:55 AM.

And it’s a lucky day for me I meet Bhavin Gandhi one of my Guider, Mentor since my college days it’s very nice to meet him by face for the first time.
He tells me a few more interesting things about spreading knowledge and how to get started with new things.

And around 10:15 AM we start first of all we introduce ourself one by one and then we start with Abhijit’s talk about there tech stack at Shoptimize India Private Limited it’s really interesting how they are integrating AWS and Python.

Now it’s time to move towards our next talk which is Hidden Secrets of Python by Chaitanya Rahalkar and Anushka Virgaonkar.

They point out some cool tricks that we can use in our code to make it sort and simple like one-liner If-Else, nesting calling of functions and Touple unpacking.

Now we move toward our next talk by Sundeep Anand about log-today. It’s really funny but knowledgable. He devlop a tool to track yourself daily and stay focused. and he show a demo about the functionality of the tool.

Next, it’s time finding matching patterns with the help of Regular Expressions. Deepa gives a great talk Regular Expressions – A Closer Look.

She uses a few examples and show some use cases or regular expression and give a brief about how to use special characters in regular expressions.

It’s about 12:15 PM now it’s time for questions and Chandan Kumar let’s know about the Upcoming events, Projects & libraries to check out.

We are done with all the talks and feeling a bit hungry so we have snacks 😋, after snacks, t’s time to say goodbye so we talk to other participants and left.


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