STRUCTURE: You are aware that a variable stores a single value of a data type. Arrays can store many values … More

Pointers In C

Pointers in C 1. pointer is a user define data type. 2. A pointer variable stores address of another variable … More

Inbuilt Functions In C

Inbuilt function for String Processing :- NOTE : All Inbuilt Function of String need string.h library. 1. strcpy(Target_String , Source_String … More

Strings In C language

String:- String is group of alphabets,digits and symobls. In C language, a string represented by char array. e.g. char S[20]; … More

Sorting In C

Hope you have haired about sorting , Arrange elements of an array either in ascending or descending, order is called … More


An Array is user define data type. It is collection of several elements of similar data type, where we can … More